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2013 Sessions Agenda

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Show Floor Opens


Speaker Series Commencement & Opening Remarks


Insider Strategies for Creating Successful Mobile Games

Developing and launching a mobile game may seem simple, but there are lots of moving parts that make a game successful on the app store.Take an insiders look at the do’s and don’ts of what it takes to enter this market and successfully navigate the pitfalls.


Bonehead : The story of a man and his Gameboy

The 1980’s are known for an explosion in technology that advanced and laid the foundation for the gaming industry as it is known today. One of these advancements was the Nintendo Gameboy, one of the first mobile gaming devices which was reprogrammable to play more than one game. This advancement also began my fascination with mobile gaming; although making a game for this device was an unattainable goal, or a dream that could never be realized.

Fast forward to modern times, and the landscape for children growing up in this era of mobile devices is radically changed. Not only are there dozens of capable gaming devices available, but anyone can achieve the goal of actually creating games to run on these devices; something so foreign and wonderful to someone from the Gameboy generation. This talk is to compare and contrast these two points in time, and to demonstrate just how different the modern gaming era is from it’s genesis. In addition, the manner in which the open availability of tools and devices are inherently changing the industry will be discussed as well.


Indie Business & Funding

Experienced game developers and businesses owners talk about tricks of the trade and how to get your project funded through crowd-funding and other means.

1h 45m


Check out the Games Showcase and grab some lunch, snacks, and refreshments

Extra-Life will be hosting various tournaments starting at 2pm!


Setting Goals: A Practical Approach To Game Development

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just a person with a dream, this talk is for you.  Henry will show you a practical approach to developing the kinds of games that you want to make.  If you are just getting started, this will help you begin.  If you have been around a while, this will help improve your process and your products.


Serious Edutainmentification : An overview of non-traditional opportunities for game designers and developers in the education industry.

Over the past 30 plus years, the education industry has incorporate game mechanics and concepts with varied success. From Math Grand Prix, to Oregon Trail, to Math Blaster, and through industry labels like Edutainment, Serious Games, and Gamification, the education and entertainment industries have yet to actualize the full potential of games in education. This session will provide a bit of educational gaming history as well as help to expose the opportunity that exists for game designers and developers in the education industry.


Creative Panel

A panel of creative professionals talk about the creative side of game development. Focusing on how to bring an Idea to Reality, and looking at the more unique, and creative ways of designing games. Chris Volpe moderates.


Closing Remarks – After Party Begins

The Speaker Series ends. The after party will commence in the Performance Hall, featuring Freeplay Game stations, Game Tournaments to benefit charity, and a Cash Bar.


Floor Showcase and After Party Closes

This presentation was originally scheduled for 11:15am. Unfortunately, Matt had an emergency and was unable to attend. We wanted to thank Matt for preparing for the event, and wish him the best.

How to Start Up a Startup

Matt Maroon discusses how to create a software and game company.

Ohio Union US Bank Conference Theater

All speaker and panel presentations are being held in the US Bank Conference Theater on the ground level of the Ohio Union.

2013 Speakers


Stephan Smith

President of FreshGames, publisher and developer of casual games for mobile and desktop since 2003, located in Columbus, OH. Creator of the games Cubis, Ranch Rush, Escape the Titanic and ZenGems. Also formerly a corporate member of the Casual Games Association.


Lise Worthen-Chaudhari

Lise Worthen-Chaudhari MFA, MS is funded through the National Institutes of Health and the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute to gamify evidence-based physical rehabilitation. Specifically, Lise applies principles from dance and emerging interactive technologies to evoke creative process during physical rehabilitation from brain and spinal cord injury. She serves as a scientific adviser to game designers such as Jane McGonigal of SuperBetter Labs.


Sean Beeson

Media composer from Shelby, whose music can be heard across all game platforms and in film and television. Sean has composed music for over 100 games. He has worked with big companies like Disney, EA, and others. Sean has also worked with local groups like BalletMet and has taught at Capital University. Additionally, Sean is collaborating with the OGDE audio/video team to enhance the experience at the event.


Adam Schroeder

Co-founded FGL.com, a revolution for indie game devs to make money through sponsorship, and for sponsors to find great games, all in one place. He is a programmer and has won awards for his indie games in the 90′s. Adam is based in Dayton, OH. He will be part of the game funding panel, and will be available for personal meetings at the event.


John Geiger

Owner of TracerMedia, a Columbus digital media company with a lot of educational game experience.


Steve Castro

Co-founded ClickShake Games in 2010, as well as the Central Ohio Gamedev Group and the Ohio Game Dev Association. Since 2000 has released over 20 games across mobile, web and PC, including games for Comedy Central and Sports Illustrated for Kids, and the award-winning, self-published Ballads of Reemus. Graduate of DeVry, Columbus, Steve is a programmer, game designer and entrepreneur.


Chase Grozdina

3D game programmer who raised $13k on Kickstarter for his game ForgeQuest which was recently greenlit on Steam. Currently based in Hilliard, has also had industry experience on the west coast.


Jeremy Handel

Founder of Handelabra Games, setup in 2009 with help from the Shaker Launchhouse. Creator of Uncle Slam mobile game and GAME.minder app.


Reed Kaufmann

Full-time game designer at FreshGames in Columbus. Graduated with a BS in Digital Media from Ohio University. Also a writer and former architect.


Jeremy Patterson

Jeremy Patterson is an Interactive Architect  and Developer. He has been involved in the world of interactive media and has worked for numerous organizations including Netscape and America Online. Jeremy is a published author and serves as a Lecturer at his alma Mater, The Ohio State University. Jeremy enjoys and has been involved in many types of interactive projects, ranging from desktop software, rich-media web experiences, mobile applications, and educational games. When he is not working, Jeremy enjoys playing video games and trying out any new technology he can get his hands on.

Dan Rockwell

Dan Rockwell

Program Manager of the Software Prototype Center at Ohio State’s Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer Office by day, Big Kitty Labs by night: taking ideas and baking them into reality by any means possible.

Henry Bawden

Henry Bawden

Henry Elmo Bawden has been a professional in the video game industry since 2006, working on titles such as “Alvin and the Chipmunks”, “Tale of Despereaux”, and “Knock ‘Em Downs: World’s Fair”.  He is currently full time faculty at Columbus State Community College and teaches game design, storytelling, drawing, 3D content creation, and game production courses.  He also runs his own game development company, Bawden Studio.